Shigurui: Death Frenzy

24 Jun

Well for the first ever review on the Drunken Master Red Comet Blog I present to you dear reader something of a stylishly late to the party look at the samurai period piece Shigurui: Death Frenzy, a 12 episode TV series which was originally released back in 2009 by Manga in the UK and Funimation in the US. Continue reading


A New Dawn (What a poncey title…)

21 Jun

The Animangame Blog is dead! Well rather I have decided to do a hard reboot, as is popular amongst uninspired Hollywood execs these days. Being uninspired myself IĀ realized if they can trick the public into thinking that they’re coming up with new and exciting ideas I CAN DO SO AS WELL! So here it is, just when you thought I couldn’t come up with a title and URL longer than The Animangame Blog I present to you cherished readers The Drunken Master Red Comet Blog. Continue reading