Shigurui: Death Frenzy

24 Jun

Well for the first ever review on the Drunken Master Red Comet Blog I present to you dear reader something of a stylishly late to the party look at the samurai period piece Shigurui: Death Frenzy, a 12 episode TV series which was originally released back in 2009 by Manga in the UK and Funimation in the US. Continue reading


A New Dawn (What a poncey title…)

21 Jun

The Animangame Blog is dead! Well rather I have decided to do a hard reboot, as is popular amongst uninspired Hollywood execs these days. Being uninspired myself I realized if they can trick the public into thinking that they’re coming up with new and exciting ideas I CAN DO SO AS WELL! So here it is, just when you thought I couldn’t come up with a title and URL longer than The Animangame Blog I present to you cherished readers The Drunken Master Red Comet Blog. Continue reading