A New Dawn (What a poncey title…)

21 Jun

The Animangame Blog is dead! Well rather I have decided to do a hard reboot, as is popular amongst uninspired Hollywood execs these days. Being uninspired myself I realized if they can trick the public into thinking that they’re coming up with new and exciting ideas I CAN DO SO AS WELL! So here it is, just when you thought I couldn’t come up with a title and URL longer than The Animangame Blog I present to you cherished readers The Drunken Master Red Comet Blog.

It’s a “brand new” blog about Japanese/International animation, graphic novels and to tell the truth whatever the hell I want. I suppose as well there will also be new folk who haven’t read The Animangame Blog before so an introduction is in order. The name’s Chris Spratt, I like Japanese cartoons, film in general (especially classic film from the 1950s/40s), science fiction literature, Japanese comic books and I’m very much a fan of video-games. If you haven’t read my writing before you can still find it here and I would ask you to check it out! In addition to the blog the Drunken Master Red Comet Podcast will be launching in the near future, I still need to figure out the particulars of that, but readers/listeners will also be able to find it on this site.

As well as on this site you can find me speaking about video-games in a somewhat limited fashion every Thursday at 8:30 pm GMT here on the Vault Reviews Podcast, alongside fellow co-hosts Jamie, Ross and Aaron. Also please keep an eye out for upcoming posts on OtakuNews.com by yours truly and on the tentatively named Repulsive Gaming blog, the details of which shall be revealed soon. So here’s hoping for a bright future, thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “A New Dawn (What a poncey title…)”

  1. rpgrinders2Er9icKelly June 21, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    I motion to form an anti-Space Nazi organization called Mega Zion! Even better than Neo Zion. Seig Mega Zion!

  2. therealspratt June 21, 2011 at 11:33 pm #

    Thanks Eric, it is imperative at this time more than ever before that we fight the good fight against the fascist subjugation of outer space! And indeed inner space!

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